Not quite, but these were images that stuck with me in the last week or so. Actually, they weren’t on the same day or have anything to do with the other. The juxtaposition was obviously intentional, even though the chronology of these sketches does coincide with their order of posting. Maybe this was like flipping channels in my head and deciding what I wanted to watch… commercial free of course.

Maybe that person knows that he’s gotta be there just in time, just in that time of day when the sun faintly shines over the intricately patterned collection of rocks and tide pools. The water is getting dark, reflective but not refractive to our eyes, and the rockwalls that house anemones and other small creatures begin to take clear silhouettes as the sun sets into a warm orange glow. But, these won’t last long, and soon the moon will shine from an opposite direction, and all we will see are highlights and a few sparkles here and there on the seashells that cover the shore in conglomerate collections, like a path leading to an invisible and secret place.

The rocks are still, yet transient. The sea moves, yet it is still. The frame captures you, but you are free within it. And so, when he arrives, he asks himself “can the opaque be reflective?”