So I said I was going to talk about my influences in the last post’s “PS,” but I’m still not quite organized with those ideas. So, think of this as an intermission. I decided to take a sketch of one of the characters from “Hockey, Love, & Guts” and see how I could make a painting exercise out of it. Maybe it feels a little too overworked and too clean, but alas, I had better get it out there and move on. I’ve done some painting before, and I especially learned a lot doing character design paintings for “9,” of which unfortunately I can’t post yet (and IMDB is listing the release for that film for September of next year!) But, I think of it as an intermission, a relaxing break from the struggles of story structure, character, and the still frightening idea of page layouts and a clean look for my comics… Well, it’s my birthday, I think I deserve a break. 😉



PS: up next, influences… I mean it this time.