Development, development, development… While I continue to write, I continue to design, and the toughest thing sometimes is figuring out a final look for things. Obviously none of this comes close to what I want for the final art of the comic, but it serves as a good exercise in grayscale, and ideas for character expressions and moments. Supporting characters are sometimes tougher to write for than main characters, and I think that also applies for design. Heidi and Pasquale are friends of Pearl, but I gotta make sure they don’t become redundant. Alas, I again feel I’m showing too much, especially when I don’t see a release of this comic coming anytime soon. Anyway, this is how I think about it sometimes.


Heidi on the left, Pearl on the right


Pasquale close up


Pasquale, the soccer player

PS: can’t think of a PS this time -_-…

PPS: I gotta work on getting those heads a little more proportionate… they look huge! … >_<