I’m still not quite there yet, but I promise that very soon I will upload some comic pages. A few factors are preventing me from fully delving into that world, and while I could list all of them, I’ll say this: 1:  drawing with a tablet is NOT the same as drawing with a Cintiq; 2: developing a process for writing and drawing comics is still new to me; and 3: it takes a lot of patience to draw nice looking lines with a tablet. This is not to say procrastination doesn’t factor in, but I don’t know if I would constitute looking for a job and promoting my short film as procrastinating from doing comics… maybe, or maybe not. Either way, I’m still incredibly excited about the characters I’m developing and just storytelling in general.

On a more positive note, I’ve arrived at a pretty close final look to the line work of the comic, as seen below. I can’t remember how long it took me to do just this one drawing (based on a rough pencil sketch,) but I remember not being that long, and having a nice flow and pacing while doing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain this quality for the pages (if not better) the more I do them and the better I get, but this is a great starting point. I’m trying to minimize the tones, and keep the comic as black and white as possible, but much more in the tradition of the cartoony work of Tezuka and Adachi.


Also, as I have pointed out on my film blog http://herlionsjump.wordpress.com, I will be going to Wondercon for the screening of “Her Lion’s Jump” (click on the site link for more details regarding that.) So, expect to see me wandering the exhibition hall on Friday and watching some short films on Saturday.

Lastly, you might see some of my work, whether in illustration or animation form, in collaboration with the music of Tales of Banyan. Marcel and I have worked pretty well together, and he’s always coming up with such beautiful music that it’s a pity our busy careers don’t intercept more often (hey bro, you ready for another film score? ^_^) Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, head over to http://talesofbanyan.typepad.com/ for some great music.

PS: will the next post be it?! Will we finally see some comics after all? … I sure hope so :/