The end of chapter 1 is here. Now I understand this isn’t the best way to read these pages, so as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll build a new page just for this comic with subsequent pages for different chapters. If you stop by the blog and they aren’t there on the sidebar yet, it’s probably because I’m still working on them. I think also from now on, I’ll probably post previews of chapters amongst my other posts, and then just post the whole chapter on a page instead of a few pages on every post. But, this was the beginning of something new for me, so I’m bound to make mistakes. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Page 08

Page 08


Page 09


Page 10


Page 11


Page 12


Page 13

Page 14

Page 14

UPDATE: comic pages and chapter pages have been added to the sidebar for easier reading. I suggest opening all the images in tabs and closing them as you read, depending on how your browser selects multiple open tabs. Maybe when chapter 2 is up (when will that be, I wonder…) I’ll find a better way to have the pages be read.

UPDATE 2: Gallery order on the sidebar page for Chapter 1 now fixed. Sorry for those who tried to read it there and were confused, my apologies. But, it’s fixed now, so why not give it another try?