Meet Alain and Charles. In the same vein (no pun intended) as the Shooting Stars themselves, I decided to exaggerate; so if the girls are “hyper-feminine,” these chaps are hyper-masculine. I’ll let you figure out who they are loosely based on by their names, but I think most of you will get the joke. If not, their “Chippendale” get up is enough of a joke, in and of itself. But, these are mere henchmen, so they do have a boss, and he or she will be coming soon too (shhh, it’s a surprise 🙂 )



Technically, I was studying a lot of Kinu Nishimura’s paintings for the various Capcom games. Of course, I’m nowhere close to the elegance she puts in her characters, and also I haven’t dared ventured into color, but it’s a start. Oh and yeah, I guess anatomy went out the window too, but maybe I’ll get it right next time. But, on that note, I don’t think either of them fit stylistically with the illustrations I did for the girls… hehe, I guess I got carried away with their manliness.  So I guess next time, I’ll also have to simplify their design too… ah the wonders of character design.

PS: If you really wanna know where some of this sudden hyper-masculinity comes from, well, maybe we should check with Charlie below…

UPDATE: sorry for the rush job in the previous edit, but names were added to the images and a few painting fixes… I couldn’t resist!