Ah, yes,  the drama continues in chapter 4, and in my life as well! Making comics is hard! But incredibly gratifying as well. But, there is also time, and jobs, and life that get in the way (or is it the other way around…) Anyway, enjoy a sneak preview of the jam-packed Chapter 4 of “Hockey, Love, and GUTS!” Expect to see a full release of the chapter in early 2010, since this time the page count goes all the way to 27! YEAH! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten much faster at writing and drawing, but maybe the wait will be worth it. I also have better plans to release it, with a proper website for it in the future, so hopefully that will come with the release of the next chapter or soon after that.




This may just be the last post for 2009! OMG! So, happy holidays and have a happy new year if you don’t hear from me until then. I know you’re out there dear readers, so thanks for the support as always!