I was there in December, but only had a chance to upload them now. Better do it while 2009 is still a few months ago…

(Well, actually this guy is from Newport Beach, CA, but he seems to fit the touristic set of images… from this point on, it’s all from Brazil, I promise ;^)

Mercadão de São Paulo

On the flight there

My Aunt

Random metro guy

From a Rodin exhibition at MASP

Swans at my uncle’s house in Ibiúna

My uncle’s horses


Veronica in Caraguá

One of my uncle’s brothers – I still don’t know what family category to call him…

Top row: Flávia & André – bottom: Vitor & Bruno – André is my first cousin, and the guys, his friends from college. Flávia is Veronica’s niece.

Heraldo and Veronica – not related, but just happened to be drawn on the same page – Heraldo is my uncle’s cousin, so who knows how I’m actually related to him? Maybe there is a word for it…

Yup, with so much family and friends, the pets don’t stay behind either.

And if you wanna play some mix and match between the drawings and the photos, hop on over to my wife’s flickr page right HERE.