Alright, so “Hockey, Love, & GUTS!” is currently on hiatus. For a comic that comes out once in a blue moon, I don’t know how being on hiatus is any different than any other time, but I just thought of stating that and getting that out of the way. Also, I’m starting to think that it might be a good idea to consider publishing it and continue the story in that realm… if anyone has any hints on how I should contact publishers and all that entails, let me know.

What I have been working on a lot however, is my story(board) portfolio. My friend Leo Matsuda has really been encouraging me to build a better storyboard portfolio, so I decided to take his advice and “go with it,” so to speak. You’ve seen some action here in the form of gag boards in the Hollywood Star FAIL series, but I’ve also been developing another story that has some more dimensional characters. I decided to take the “make a short film” approach and I’ve been writing and rewriting the script, developing the characters and their design, sets, visual development, etc. I may or may not post the whole story here, but I’ll give you a little taste in upcoming posts. To start off, here are the characters:

I’m sure there will be changes to their design as I continue to thumbnail the story and find out how much I can push the expression without getting away from their essential design. Either way, it’s kinda fun to get back on that film-making mode, even if I don’t know whether I’ll ever get to produce this project into a film.