Maybe. A lot going on job wise. Been jumping from gig to gig more often now, which is good because it pays the bills, but bad because it puts all my personal projects on the back burner – oh, and there’s this thing called “life”, which according to a friend of mine, doesn’t really exist if you’re an artist.

So here are a few points about what’s going on, or not going on lately:

* Hockey, Love, & GUTS! – continues to be on hiatus. Not because of lack of interest (believe me, chapter 5 is already written) but really had to put it on the back burner  – see next point

* The Hairdresser’s Nightmare – story thumbnails/script are done. Now I need to really board it properly, and make it into a nice portfolio, maybe to send it somewhere, or just to show off. Keep in mind, this process takes a while too, especially since I’m also doing some color scripts… yeah, it’s gonna take a while…

* Hollywood Star FAIL! – I have more stories written out and would love to board them and put them up here, but alas, it’s not a top priority.

So what is a priority now? Well, basically just try and balance out my projects, and continue to get more work to get more money and eventually being able to turn those projects into professional work. Until then, I managed to squeeze out a sketch featuring a future character in the Hockey, Love, & GUTS! comic.

PS: She’s carrying a barber’s knife though it really should have been a switchblade… goes to show you how much I need to organize my ideas… :/