So, no new storyboard this week, but a post nonetheless. My new goal is to start updating weekly, even if all I have is one image or illustration. But, as the title of the post says I’m back on track, and that is at least for my comic, which I’m really glad to come back to after so long. The fact is I had all of chapter 5 pretty much roughed and ready for cleanup and tone for months, but I got some gigs that took a lot of my time (which were great!), and I also had to do some portfolio work on the storyboard side of things (gotta keep things fresh with that too.) So what you see on this post are a couple of frames from chapter 5 (no spoilers, as far as I can tell.)

Also, I recently purchased a Cintiq Wacom tablet, which has made me nearly broke, but nothing beats drawing line work with it (digitally that is.) I expect to be able to work faster now with it (as I am already noticing it while cleaning up) so chapter 5 should be up soon, and hopefully they’ll be getting better (I’m finally using better fonts this time… and yes, using Comic Sans up until now was criminal! Sorry…) and out more frequently (though really, considering my track record on this thing, I can’t make any promises.) Ultimately, if I end up finding a way to publish it and to make it a paying job for a while, then I think I could put out at least 30 pages on a monthly to bi-monthly basis (maybe…) so who knows… until then, I’ll just keep on writing and drawing at whatever pace I can.  But, I have a lot of long road to go with this story and it’s one I want to take. Maybe this next chapter will shed some light on what’s to come, but yeah, it’s great to be able to work with a long narrative like this.