Chapter 8 End.

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And, the comic will be on hiatus until 2017. Early, mid, or late 2017?… well, that I don’t know yet, but I’ll try my hardest to get back to this rhythm of releasing a page a week. This past year wasn’t too hard, since I had it all done before, but I may try and at least finish the roughs (I’m a little over halfway done as of this writing) for the next chapter first, and then see if I can ink, tone, and final edit a page a week (sounds intimidating already.) It’s been fun to share, and gain a few more followers this way, but if you’ve been waiting to read this whole chapter in one go, now’s the time! Besides, it’s really meant for quick reading, so thank you for all for your readership, and why not, read it again, and tell your friends. We’re maybe halfway through the story (I’m shooting for ~500 pages, but who knows, it might be more…) so stick around, there’s so much more coming soon. Thank you, and to be continued!