Since I started working on this idea with my oldest daughter Maeve last year, I hadn’t thought of actually putting her and her sister, my youngest daughter Nia in the story, but why the heck not, ya know? This idea is coming together really nicely now that I’ve included a human element in it, and what better source material than my own kids? It was right there in front of me, and I couldn’t see it for the longest time. Anyway, I changed their names for the story for now so my actual kids won’t get upset later if/when this actually gets done in some sort of media and they don’t actually like their cartoon versions (besides, these are names my wife and I seriously considered for our girls, so I’ve always wanted to use them too.) So, I think I really wanna pitch this as a cartoon show now… there’s a lot more to it that I won’t reveal just yet, but wish me luck! 😉