So here we are at the end of another chapter. It’s been a long journey just to get to this point, and I’m almost at the halfway point in the story, so there is still a long ways to go… but, I’m gonna have to take another hiatus before chapter 10 begins because as it turns out, I decided to start producing a proof of concept animated short film version of this comic in the hopes to use it as a pitch for an animated series, soooo, that’s gonna take some time (especially since I’ll be making it mostly by myself). While I’d love to keep going with the comic,  I can’t give an exact date as to when it’s gonna come back (here’s hoping sooner than later); but, let’s see how this will turn out in animated form.

I may post some WIP work of the short here, though if you follow me on social media, I have already done so here and there, so I’m still deciding whether to continue it in that fashion, or to keep it more organized in blog form here… but, then again, who reads blogs anymore, ya know? Either way, I think I’ll try and keep this part of my site active, if for nothing else but those rare days when FB, IG, TW, and LI are all down… at the same time. ;p

Thank you again for your readership, for sticking around my wild experiment into girls’ sports comics and long form narrative storytelling, and let’s see where it takes us!





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