Yeah, I’m still going at it… albeit slowly. But, no worries, thumbnails for all 18 pages of chapter 2 are done as well as the script. Now it’s just a matter of drawing it out. I’m still making some decisions about the final look to things, even though I learned a lot from doing chapter 1. Had I been doing this on tangible media, then perhaps doing it all in B&W would have been faster, but it seems that I get more mileage done and I’m able to maintain an appealing aesthetic with the gray scale tones. But, if B&W is faster, and I’m able to convey tones solely with that, maybe I’ll switch. Just have to wait and see. I’m sure there will be another preview post like this, and I even thought of posting one of the rough pages for this one, but I thought that might give away too much… maybe?

Well, I’ll try and find a good rough next time. In the meantime, enjoy these sketches of an upcoming character… by the way, Mercedes and Pearl are still alive. Oh no SPOILERS! DA DA DAAAAA…



(Would you really expect otherwise? After all they are the main characters of this story! But these sketches are of neither of them, as you can probably tell… )