Ok, so I lied in the previous post. Those sketches are not for chapter 2, but rather 3. But, you know, that’s story. It’s a constantly evolving thing – it’s neither progression, nor regression, but rather, evolution. So, things change, but the good news is that inking for chapter 2 is almost done, so maybe it’ll be posted in another week or so? (Crossing my fingers here…) In the meantime, enjoy these quick sketches of some of the characters that I can guarantee you will show up in chapter 2.



PS: The reason for the delay isn’t just one but many including the following: unemployment, looking for work as a full time job, cutting a trailer for “Her Lion’s Jump”, cutting an animation reel together, regretting the fact that I haven’t done either of those things already, regretting that I can’t work on HLG any faster than I already am, often wondering if I have so much time how come I can’t produce more work, getting engaged, thinking about the wedding, trying to have a social life, having fun, etc…