Here’s proof that I’m still working on my own project, albeit at the usual glacial speed that my life allows at the moment. Surprisingly, it’s still faster than what it’s been for  the past couple of years, so I’m still shooting for a mid October (2014!) release for this chapter…  let’s see if I can make it a reality.

Again, on the freelance job front, it’s feast of famine, and now I’m busy again, but still hungry, so famine? Maybe if I were to recount how many storyboard tests I’ve done so far this year you could say that I’m indeed hungry, but I’m in that situation where the gig is so short, that I can’t stop looking for the next job, and I mean that literally. Still looking to get back to a longer studio gig (where long means 6 months… yeah…) so that I can at least breathe, fold the laundry once in a while, and get more sleep… ha, who am I kidding?! I just want more time to work on my comic, duh, of course!

And, chapter 7 of “Hockey, Love, & GUTS!” is a big one. I don’t want to spoil too much, but we’re coming to the end of the first arc of the story, so it almost feels like NOW I can begin telling the story I’ve been thinking about all these years; NOW the characters are really going to shine together… crap, I think I’ve said too much already, but I’m just really excited to tell this story.

So, until the next chapter comes around, check out some of my progress below.

PS: never check your BMI if you’re feeling fat. ;p