Wow, here we are, the end of the first arc of this story – this really feels like a milestone for me and my relation to this story. I’ve been thinking about this chapter for years, and I’ve finally been able to catch up to it. This may be the end of the first arc, but much in the tradition of “Shounen Jump” titles, it’s only the beginning, so it feels like the meat of the story really begins here. I’ve learned a lot writing and illustrating this chapter. Of course I couldn’t have done it without the amazing Kyle T Webster brush sets, especially the recently added Screen tones set. (And the great Blambot fonts too.) That was a game changer for this chapter and for establishing a new visual direction for how I’d like to keep going with this comic. It’s been about 8 months since the last release, so maybe I’m getting faster at it? Probably not, so I’ll be honest and just say see you next year for another chapter of “Hockey, Love & GUTS!”…

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But, don’t worry, I’ll be back to posting random things here and there. :]

REMINDER: This is a PG-13 comic for language and teen situations.