So, it’s been a long, long, long time since the last update, if you can even really call it that. Blah blah blah career, blah blah blah family, blah blah blah art… Highs, lows, really lows, then plateaus… the last 6-8 months have really felt like years. Sleep deprivation, a second child in the mix, acid reflux in the mix, toxing, detoxing, retoxing, faux veganism… I don’t know what else. Just look at this, I can’t even write a proper blog post. But, alas, I did submit my comic to a publisher (OniPress), and putting a pitch package together was a small victory. Below are some character designs and descriptions that didn’t make it into the package since they asked for submissions without them. While the next chapter is all roughed out, I might wait another month to see what happens with the submission; if it gets picked up then great, but if not, I’ll continue to draw it and post it here, or maybe I’ll try some of the other webcomic aggregators, or maybe I’ll dedicate a tumblr to it. Until then, I’ll try and do more illustrations like the ones below (there’s more characters in the backlog), or maybe post more experiments with color and design like I’ve done in the past. I would post the whole package here, but it outlines the whole story, and you wouldn’t want to know the end before reading it all now would you? (Besides, the character descriptions already have a few spoilers, so you’ve been warned.)

tl;dr – I’m alive, still struggling with mundane quasi middle class artist things, but still moving forward. Ya dig?