Another site update, just weeks since the last?! Yeah, sometimes it just works out that way. Making these character profiles for my comic has been a long term project, that really just help me stay on target (and ideally on model, but it’s still hard to put in practice) and help me keep track of each character’s overall personality and role in the story. This combined with the previous post makes up all the characters that I’ve given speaking roles so far (though there are more in upcoming chapters) – of course I’ve drawn background characters here and there, which may or may not have actual dialogue, but these are definitely the supporting characters of the story.



As a little update regarding publishing, Oni Press didn’t accept my pitch for this, but I’m still looking at other potential publishers to take this on. But, as it stands now, I’ll continue on cleaning up and toning the next chapter, hopefully trying to release it by the end of the year. Here’s to more “Hockey, Love, & GUTS!”